Legal cannabis partnership to help patient access


The new distributor in the Australian medicinal cannabis industry – The Entourage Effect – has signed a first of its kind deal with innovative medical cannabis clinic MiDispensary.

MiDispensary burst onto the scenes in August 2021, offering Australians high quality treatment at an affordable yearly fee.

Over a 12-month subscription period, patients will meet with nurses and doctors multiple times to ensure the treatment works for their needs.

Dr Rex Kwan, Chief Medical Officer of MiDispensary, has developed a reputation for clinical excellence amongst his patients and peers, and has conducted several clinical trials.

The two organisations have cemented their relationship to form a unique partnership that will make access to cannabis easier, safer, faster, and cheaper for their patients.

The Entourage Effect received formal approval from the NSW Ministry of Health for their wholesale cannabis licence, which allows them to supply cannabis products to patients and doctors Australia-wide.

The Entourage Effect will be able to supply products from Australia’s leading brands such as ANTG, Althea, Adaya, and Cannatrek.

As part of the partnership, The Entourage Effect will sell exclusively to patients of MiDispensary.

The Entourage Effect CEO Eidan Havas is ready to revolutionise the medical cannabis industry in Australia. “Through this partnership, we are hoping to get Australians the access to life-changing products in a way that makes it simple and affordable,” Mr Havas said. “MiDispensary is able to prescribe their patients medication from a range of options, which we consider to be the best and most effective brands in the country.”
The Entourage Effect is currently negotiating several other partnerships and exclusive deals with other brands such as Alfie Therapeutics to ensure Australian patients are also provided with the latest treatment options.