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For Doctors

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Why refer your patient

Our healthcare professionals specialise in endocannabinoid support treatment. With extensive experience in applying this treatment modality, we will work in a shared care role to ensure your patient receives the right treatment for their health concerns. If you would like to refer your patient, our team of healthcare professionals will work alongside you to provide your patient with appropriate and complementary treatment.

Is this treatment suitable for my patient?

Evidence has shown that endocannabinoid support treatment has been effective in treating and reducing the symptoms of various chronic health concerns including chronic pain, emotional concerns, nausea and vomiting, menstrual pain and more. 


While there are numerous traditional options for these conditions, patients have found various side effects which outweigh the benefits or long term use of these treatments. 


Endocannabinoid support treatment has shown potential as an alternative treatment where traditional treatments have failed. Learn more at the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Refer your patient to speak with one of our experienced Doctors today!

Refer Your Patient

You can be assured that your patients will experience end-to-end care with our practitioners who will work in a shared care role to provide individualised guidance and treatment to best support your patients specific healthcare requirements.

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