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Plant-based therapy became legal in Australia in 2016 for a range of different medical conditions. Health care professionals have the ability to submit to the TGA for permission to use plant-based therapy as a method of treatment. The professional team at MiDispensary only work with patient conditions where plant-based medicine is deemed appropriate and handle the process of application to the TGA and on-going support as a part of our treatment program

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Why refer your patient?

At MiDispensary we specialise in plant-based medicine and treatment. If you feel plant-based therapy may be appropriate in the treatment of a condition your patient has been previously diagnosed with, you can easily refer your patient to our professional team for assessment and treatment. We can then work in a shared care role with your patient to ensure they get the right treatment and care to ensure overall patient well-being.

Is plant-based treatment suitable for my patient?

Evidence has shown that plant-based therapy has been effective in treating numerous different medical conditions. Some of the conditions where plant-based therapy has been most effective are:

  • Long standing discomforts 
  • Emotional issues 
  • Nausea and Vomiting 
  • Period pain

While there are numerous options for traditional treatment of the above conditions, patients have found there to be side effects which out way the benefits or the long-term use of these treatments to be unsustainable. Plant-based therapy has proven appropriate as an alternative treatment which has been effective in mitigating the negative side effects associated with traditional treatments as well as providing effective treatment. The TGA has a dedicated site for information on plant-based therapy for Health professionals.