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We offer an initial consult for $95, and follow up appointments are $65.

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Our doctors may prescribe alternative medicine therapy to patients who they consider it may benefit.

Qualified Doctors

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Our team of health professionals are dedicated to helping those in need of information about alternative medicine therapy. Our doctors and nurses have a wide experience in health issues and long standing problems as well as extensive knowledge of the latest research in the benefits of alternative medicine therapies.

Medicinal Cannabis Doctor

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If you are suffering from a long standing discomforts, you may be eligible for an alternative medicine treatment.

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Understanding Alternative Medicine Therapy

Our team of doctors and nurses have compiled a knowledge base to help you understand alternative medicine therapy, how it is administered and more. Our doctors may prescribe alternative medicine to patients who are eligible for treatment.

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Eligibility Check
Complete our simple eligibility check
Eligibility Check


Clinical Consult
Confirm your medical history, discuss strategies involving plant-based therapy and ask all your questions relating to your treatment plan via video link with a doctor.


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Once approved by your doctor and TGA (2-5 business days) you will be put in touch with your local affiliate dispensary to order your product.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a shortlist of the most asked questions we receive:

Long term discomforts can be helped with alternative medicine therapy. If you have experience with such issues, you may be eligible for alternative medicine therapy. Talk to one of our consultants now to find out if you can qualify for this service

Once we have received your application, supportive documentation and payment you will be prompted to book a phone call appointment with one of our nurse consultants and they will explain all the requirements.

The role of MiDispensary is to obtain all the necessary supporting documentation of your medical history or in the case where this is unavailable, to assist you in consulting with the relevant registered clinician or doctor to facilitate your application. Once we have finalised your application, we introduce you to one of our alternative medicine doctors for a Telehealth consultation. The doctor will prescribe your medication and you will be notified as soon as possible.

Firstly, we take our time in preparing for the correct outcome and secondly if for some reason it was not approved, we would work with the professionals involved with your case to prepare a new submission. Any further setback and we would agree to refund 50% of your fee.

Your Midispensary doctor will prescribe according to your needs and once the prescription is available, nominate your preferred pharmacy or our recommended pharmacy. In some areas they will agree to post directly to your home.

Patient Testimonials

I’ve suffered from anxiety much of my life. Nothing much helped me anymore. A friend suggested medicinal cannabis. I really didn’t know it was available for people like me. I spoke to the staff at MiDispensary who were able to explain to me how the process would work. I started feeling better almost straight away. I thank MiDispensary for helping me getting my life back.

Kerry Ann Taylor


I’ve suffered lower back pain for years now….an injury I suffered as a younger man has never really gone away….I really didn’t like the medications that were prescribed…they really knocked me around. Although I had tried cannabis very occasionally over the years, I never thought it would ever be available through a government authorised programme. A friend recommended MiDispensary and after checking out their website, which was very informative, I decided to sign up. It really was one of the best things I ever did. The process was so straightforward, and the staff were there to help me every step of the way. I have been using my prescriptions now for about 4 months and I must say, I am feeling so much better. The Cannabis oils were very good at reducing inflammation and that dreaded ache and stiffness is now gone. I cannot thank the staff at MiDispensary enough!

Michael Cohen