How it Works


Eligibility Check

Eligibility Check

Complete the Pre Booking Form and upload your Health Summary, and our team will be in touch to organise your appointments with our Mi Dispensary doctors and nurses.


Doctor Consultation

Doctor Consultation

After reviewing your file, your doctor will perform the consultation via Telehealth. This is to confirm your medical history, discuss strategies involving plant-based treatment, and your opportunity to follow up with any questions you may have. You’re almost there!


TGA Permission

TGA Permission

After your doctor's consultation, if eligible, you will be notified of your approval so that you can contact one of affiliate dispensaries to order your medication
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Regain control of your life with plant-based medicine

We understand that your pain and suffering holds you back from living the life that you and your loved ones deserve. At MiDispensary, we simplify the process for you. You will be met by experienced doctors and nurses, every step of the way, making sure you are able to access high-quality, government-permitted plant-based products that are generally safe, predictable, and effective. Nature’s way, really is about your choice!

Your Journey Starts here.

The golden advantage

At MiDispensary, we value our customers and because of that, we do things a little different to all the others. Our team wants you to enjoy the benefits of plant-based treatment, without the headaches as soon as possible. That means, we do everything for you, with no hidden costs. We have, through our team of medical and legal professionals, streamlined the application process, we have teamed up with suppliers, here and overseas, specialised pharmacies, all to ensure you are looked after every step of the way and for as long as you need help.

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Our simple subscription models.

Green Package

For those that don't have the funds upfront
$ 210 Upfront then Pay As You Go*
  • TGA Application & Submission
  • Clinical Nurse Follow up
  • Pay As You Go:

    $45 - Clinical Nurse Assessment

    $165- First Doctor Consult (Prescription 6 Repeats)

    $75 - Quarterly Doctor Consult

    $45 - Nurse Consult with Prescription Reissue**

    $45 - Prescription Change and TGA Reapproval***

Gold Package

Save BIG when you pay upfront
$ 570 Upfront
  • TGA Application & Submission
  • Clinical Nurse Follow Up
  • Clinical Nurse Assessment
  • First Doctor Consultation (Prescription 6 Repeats)
  • Quarterly Doctor Consult
  • Nurse Consult with Prescription Reissue*
  • Prescription Change and TGA Reapproval*

Find out more details

There are a range of medical conditions which plant based medicines may help with.

Patient Testimonials

I’ve suffered from anxiety much of my life. Nothing much helped me anymore. A friend suggested medicinal cannabis. I really didn’t know it was available for people like me. I spoke to the staff at MiDispensary who were able to explain to me how the process would work. I started feeling better almost straight away. I thank MiDispensary for helping me getting my life back.

Kerry Ann Taylor


I’ve suffered lower back pain for years now….an injury I suffered as a younger man has never really gone away….I really didn’t like the medications that were prescribed…they really knocked me around. Although I had tried cannabis very occasionally over the years, I never thought it would ever be available through a government authorised programme. A friend recommended MiDispensary and after checking out their website, which was very informative, I decided to sign up. It really was one of the best things I ever did. The process was so straightforward, and the staff were there to help me every step of the way. I have been using my prescriptions now for about 4 months and I must say, I am feeling so much better. The Cannabis oils were very good at reducing inflammation and that dreaded ache and stiffness is now gone. I cannot thank the staff at MiDispensary enough!

Michael Cohen